May Day 2023 Statement

Today Geelong Anarchist-Communists commemorate the fighting spirit of the working class, and our victories and defeats throughout history. On the first of May we remind ourselves what we’re fighting for – socialism and justice. It is also a reminder to those that hold economic and political power that there remains a thriving, fighting class consciousness among workers. Designated as an International Workers Day in 1889, May Day has been observed by workers continuously for the past 133 years.

There have been many focal points for May Day; originally it was an element of the push for the 8 hour working day, and a commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre of 1886 in which police attacked workers striking for the 8 hour day at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, killing four and injuring at least 70. Since then the day has broadened to reflect the diverse nature of workers’ struggles across the globe. Today the world now faces a massive and global economic breakdown and new wars. As workers we assess the path ahead and forge new history in our shared struggles.

We travel a difficult road, but it is our responsibility as the current generation of organised workers to take up the flame that has been carried to us over hundreds of years of struggle in order to light our way to a better future. We, always and in every moment, have the power within ourselves to reshape the world. May Day is a reminder of that fact.

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